Assignment Information




The policy analysis is the final graded component for your simulation. The underlying purpose  is to have you evaluate how successful you were in accomplishing your goals overall,  and to determine why you were successful in some instances and not in others.

There are two primary criteria for grading your policy analysis. The first is how well you evaluate your country’s performance in the simulation against the goals articulated in your National Security Doctrine (NSD).  Your objective is NOT to advocate for your choices or to frame outcomes in a false positive light.  Rather you job is to critically and objectively analyze the degree to which you accomplished your goals. The second criteria involves the degree to which you are able to integrate course reading material into your evaluation. You must, to the extent possible, describe the dynamics of the simulation in terms of the concepts and arguments contained in assigned readings and discussed in class.

You may organize your policy analysis any way you like: e.g. chronologically, by issue (security, economics, human rights), or by foreign and domestic policy initiatives.  However it is organized, you must include the following components in your discussion.

1 Problem definition

This includes a direct, succinct summary of your goals in the policy space

2 Evaluative criteria

What are the criteria that determine a good outcome? Use specific metrics, if possible, that that define a good and bad outcomes. This can also be placed on a continuum from best to worst)

3 Generate alternatives

What were the realistic strategies available to you? Which did you seriously consider, why?

4 Analysis of trade offs

What were the costs and benefits of the alternatives you considered in terms of your goals and evaluative criteria

5 Evaluation of outcome

Describe happened: Which strategies did you select? Was the outcome favorable or not (for the reasons you expected, or not)?

6. Recommendations (optional)

Based on your analysis, what recommendations would you offer on improving your country’s performance (assuming you had time)

Be sure to include an executive summary as a cover page (not part of the assignment page limit).