News and Analysis

INTL 3200

This page includes links to news topics discussed in class.


Steven Walt’s Realist analysis of President Obama’s foreign policy.

Click on the link HERE

Some argue that Obama has been too weak and doesn’t recognize the threats that undermine American security. Others argue that he has been too interventionist. Still others assert that his foreign policy has been simply incoherent. Here, Walt makes the case that the President’s positions are consistent, and consistently realist in orientation.

CLICK HERE for an extensive recent interview of the President and his view of American Foreign policy, and of the international system more generally. Compare this to Walt’s analysis. Is Obama a realist?


Summary study of NGO – Corporate relations

Primer on Conflict in South Sudan:

Link to Documentary on South Sudan Crisis:

NY Times summary on peace agreement and its collapse

US State Department Announcement of Aid to South Sudan:
UN Commission on HR: Report Referring North Korean Government to ICC

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